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We don’t just help businesses organise their workflow and manage their data; we also help give them an online presence.

At Bevl we can supply web domains, email addresses, online hosting, storage and much more.

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Being online is more than just having a

If a company wants to truly utilise the power of being online, then it needs to identify how it can use it’s online presence to help it’s customers.

At Bevl we help you connect the dots to get the most out of being an online company by; providing intelligent websites, automatic emails, client portals and much more.

Websites are a powerful online tool for any business, no matter your industry. We can supply your web-domain and site engine; we'll even help you build it, too!
*Using WordPress Platform
Client portal
Give customers direct access to their data with intelligent web-portals; allowing them to log in and view data from your business systems.
Virtual phones and texting
At Bevl we can configure virtual phone and texting services that help you connect directly with your customers.
*Using Claris Connect & Twilio
Protect your data and your customers
An SSL Certificate protects the data going to and from your site — from personal info to credit card numbers — making it impossible for hackers to read them.

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